We are a group of seventeen theatre artists (students and recent alumni from the University of Texas – Pan American) from the Mexico-Texas border and we have an important story to tell.

Through a multimedia, documentary performance piece entitled Crawling with Monsters we depict the largely unreported, war-like conditions in Reynosa, Mexico, and the surrounding region.

Originally founded as a touring, bilingual children’s theatre troupe, we became alarmed and disturbed by the recent mass killings, kidnappings, displays of tortured and mutilated bodies, decapitations, and more in Northeastern Mexico. Last year, we transformed ourselves into a very different type of theatre company in an effort to respond to the violence and intimidation in our community. Our work addresses the effects of the regional violence on children, their parents and their teachers. Most of the script is comprised of transcripts from interviews with people in Reynosa.

There has been little press coverage of the situation in Northeastern Mexico due to the violence against reporters.

Many of our performers have family in Matamoros, Reynosa, and other communities in the border area. One is a refugee from the violence in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. They perform with a personal commitment and determination that is felt strongly by the audience.

Crawling with Monsters